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A cushioned transit frame for paintings



A wooden L-section transit frame with internal cushioning has been developed. The cushioned transit frame is designed to protect against most shocks experienced in handling and transit. A painting is attached to a wooden framework that slots into a recess cut into polyethylene foam blocks and is, in effect, floated; the floated framework and foam are housed inside an exterior wooden framework. Using this method, a standardized loading area on the foam is achieved. This avoid the difficulty associated with calsulating static stress for highly varied display profiles. The cushioned transit frame can also be used as a handling unit, providing protection within the museum as well as while on loan. For national loan, the cushioned transit frame provides adequate protection during transport. For international loan, an exterior packing case can be added. This need only contain insulation. Results of shock and vibration tests are given and various practical considerations are discussed. A system for using standard sizes is outlined.


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