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A simple integrating dosimeter for ultraviolet light



The ISO Blue Wool standard is useful for measuring UV light only for an extended period of a couple of years. The work reported was undertaken in order to find a suitable material which could be used as a dosimeter for UV radiation and would complement the use of the ISO Blue Wool Standards. A suitable dosimeter should be simple, cheap, and unobtrusive, and should respond to the levels of irradiance typical of the museum environment in a reasonable time period. A material exhibiting these properties can be used for comparing the average illumination in different parts of a building, for estimating the absolute UV dose, and for evaluating the effectiveness of light-filtering materials.


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    Conference paper (published)

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    • IIC Washington Congress

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    • Science and technology in the service of conservation: preprints of the contributions to the Washington Congress, 3-9 September 1982

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    • Brommelle, N. S.
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