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Multifunctional encoding system for assessment of movable cultural heritage



This is an introductory paper of a recent EC project dealing with research in cultural heritage and aiming to communicate new fields of application for optical metrology techniques. The project is in its initial state and more conclusive information is expected to be available at the time of the perspective conference. Nowadays safety, ethical, economical and security issues as well as the increase demand for loaning of art objects for exhibitions in transit, are forcing the Conservation Community to undertake strong initiatives and actions against various types of mistreatment, damage or fraud, during transportation of movable Cultural Heritage. Therefore the interest directs to the development of innovative methodologies and instrumentation to respond to critical aspects of increased importance in cultural heritage preservation, among which of prior consideration are: to secure proper treatment, assess probable damage, fight fraud actions in transportation.


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    Conference paper (published)

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    • Tate

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    • Fotakis, Costas
    • Pezzati, Luca
    • Salimbeni, Renzo
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    • O3A: Optics for Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology

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    • 6618

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    • SPIE-International Society for Optical Engineering

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    • Bellingham

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    • 0277-786X

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